Startup resources

"We are using the word 'guru' only because 'charlatan' is too long to fit into a headline"

Peter Drucker

I always try out business/marketing/startup books in the shop or on Google books. The rubbishy ones are easy to spot - finishable in 15 minutes by ignoring the repetition and excessive anecdotes. Probably wise to do the same with these suggestions.



I think that unless you're writing code for a big company, it's very easy to spent too much time worrying about technical issues. With that in mind, The Pragmatic Programmer has tips that'll actually save you time, rather than over-engineer your code.



UX books get samey; there's a lot of actionable detail in the above.


Strikes me as a subject where the basics (blogging, Twitter (not Facebook unless you're a game)) are obvious and the rest are not things a startup can do without huge risk of wasting time or money (advertising, viral). Make a great product first and foremost.

Other people's lists

Ycombinator's is great.