New project: SidekickJS - Javascript code quality tool

I've started work on a new potential startup: SidekickJS, a Javascript code-quality tool. It analyses your Javascript repository for basic Javascript issues, repetition, complexity and alerts you of changes. It's intended to replace a lot of the code-review boiler-plate I encountered while leading Javascript teams.

Going it alone

I'm going it alone for now, which is something I said I'd not do again. However - I very much do want a co-founder. Everyone I want to co-found with has a job they can't leave soon for various reasons

Additionally this time I can validate it myself. It's a programming tool and I can market to programmers: it's a matter of doing what I do already - blog posts, speaking at conferences and going to meetups. In addition I know people at around 15 companies I can validate the idea with.

Progress so far

This is now week 13! I finished my contract at Skimlinks on February 10th. I'm currently working with my first beta-testers, so I'm quite pleased with progress. It's quite easy to spend a lot of time arguing about stuff with co-founders early in a startup - there's so little information to go on it's hunches all the way down. Having 0 communication overhead and no discussions makes it easy to get stuff done - you just have to hope it's the right stuff!

Technically the project is Ruby + Javascript for the analysis, Rails + Postgres for the interface, Chef for server management. Going full-stack again has been a lot of fun so far: that said, I'm looking forward to validating so I can get a designer on board!

Join the beta

If you're on a Javascript team or know anybody else who is please join the beta! Any questions give let me know. I'll also be blogging about programming and bootstrapping at

Wish me luck!